Over 30 years, Andrew has honed his skills as a creative director working on both sides of the fence in and with some of Australia’s biggest agencies & brands. Andrew’s unique creative perspective is having lived big retail from both sides.

—  Andrew Henderson, creative director - Piglet Studio

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unique creative perspective is having lived big retail from both sides. 

Andrew is a rare creative bird, having lived the divide as a creative director between multi-national advertising agencies and in-house. For a decade, Andrew was at the creative helm of department store David Jones overseeing ‘the octopus’ that included marketing, advertising, financial services, and visual merchandising.  

Prior to Piglet, Andrew was co-founder and creative partner of Pencil&Pixel - the specialist retail & fashion agency. Andrew has created & designed three highly illustrated books since 2011. He lives in Paddington and on weekends loves pottering on his 1950s wooden boat.



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2017 AWARD
Design Panel Jury

Cannes 59th Festival of Creativity
Design Panel Jury, France

2012 Ad News Agency of the Year
Digital Agency of the Year Jury



Andrew's second illustrated book 'Wayside' by Rev. Graham Long for the Wayside Chapel follows 'Stories from the Wayside' (2011). A beautifully illustrated book of 258 pages, that tells the story of Wayside's transformation and as a place of intersection between community and the Wayside visitors. Like Wayside itself, this book is where housed meet homeless, able meet unable, and have meet have-not. 'Wayside' captured group portraits include faces like Claudia Karvan, David Whenham, Dick Smith, Kylie Kwong, Inira Naidoo, Reg Mombassa and Lousie Olsen among many. Graham Long’s written text is breathtaking and moving. Funny, heartbreaking and at times filled with optimism and hope. Photographer Gary Heery’s portraits reflect this text and the diversity of characters across community and place. 

by Reverend Graham Long
Designed by Andrew Henderson
NewSouth Books, 2016


David Jones 175 Years

How do you capture 175 Years of social and commercial history for one of Australia’s most loved brands? Where do you begin when faced with 340 blank pages and a sprawling archive that is chained, locked and somewhat forgotten? What do you do when you have less than 12 months until launch? David Jones, 175 Years (by Helen O’Neill – NewSouth Books, 2013) was a project of scale and enormous responsibility to the generations of dedicated customers and staff that had gone before. This book is a vibrant, affectionate tribute to the history of Australia’s most enduring and popular department store. David Jones, 175 Years is Andrew’s second book, as designer and creative director.

by Helen O'Neil
Created & designed by Andrew Henderson
NewSouth Books, 2013

Stories from the Wayside

Andrew’s first book as designer and creator. Inspired by the writings of Reverend Graham Long, Stories By The Wayside (University Queensland Press, 2011) was a life-affirming, life-changing experience. The approach was simple: don’t engender pity, nor judge, nor attempt to repair – simply capture the essence of the remarkable Wayside Chapel, and the human tide of Kings Cross, Sydney. A highly collaborative project, made possible by the encouragement of so many, Graham Long’s words were the soul of this book, but photographers Gary Heery, Paul Westlake, Hugh Stewart and Grant Matthews injected life and breath through their photographic portraits.

by Reverend Graham Long
Created & designed by Andrew Henderson
University of Queensland Press, 2011

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A BEAUTIFUL GIFT – A WONDERFUL READ! Described as the ‘biography of a department store’ by The Weekend Australian, as ‘fascinating reading’ by The Sydney Morning Herald, and as ‘illuminating’ by the Australian Financial Review, Helen O’Neill’s David Jones’ 175 Years is the extensively illustrated history of an Australian icon.